Sunday, February 2, 2014

Take Us To The Temple Elders (January 24, 2014)

This week has been very weird. I'm e-mailing on Friday. What's up with that? I can tell you exactly. 
We're going to the Temple!!! Woooo!!! 

Okay, I haven't been to the temple in... almost 5 months! That's way to long for someone who drives by it at least once a week. If we didn't have one close I wouldn't complain but.. we do. Our mission is becoming very strict on getting as much proselyting time as we possibly can so we are only allowed to go to the temple when our mission president authorizes it and it has to be on p-day. P-day is usually Monday but since the temple isn't open on Monday we have to postpone our p-day. Ours got pushed back to Friday. We are still super excited and gladly give up our relaxing time because there is a new temple film!

We found out last week and we immediately told our Zone Leaders/Co-District Leaders and this is the conversation that followed:
ZLs: What anti-mormon website did you smoke today hahahaha
Us: haha no really a temple worker told us! 
ZLs: It's been out for a while homies
Us: No! It's a new new one ya twerp nuggets!

And so on. That is what brought around the "Take us to the Temple, Elders!!!"

We appreciate our leaders so much. 

We are so excited:)

Love you guys and will write more on Monday!

Sister Hatch

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