Sunday, February 2, 2014

Miracles in the Work! (December 2, 2014)

Just saying.. I love missionary fights:)
So transfers were this week and our wards were getting switched up so I sent a text to my Zone Leaders to see if we have the same wards or not.
Me: Are our wards changing or are we good??
ZLs: You will be covering Idaho City.. So sorry Sisters..
ZLs: HA! Just kidding! You will cover cv and ot still
Me: Liar! And they say trust your leaders.. 2 Ne. 9:34
ZLs: HAHAHAHA:) d&c 121:39
Me: Don't be unrighteous.. DC 6:35
ZLs: You crazy!!!!!! You stole my own scripture!!
Me: Your scripture? Isa 55:8
That's how missionaries do it:)
Anyways, on a happier note, you may remember an investigator I wrote about before and us teaching her mother. We still haven't gotten in with the mother but we received some fantastic news this past week.
This week has truly been amazing! , Alyssa is our 14 year old investigator who has the faith of someone born into the gospel and then some. She has been taught for almost a year and has been going to church activities since she was 10. Alyssa lived in the middle of no where and was taught in the Columbia Village ward and then moved to the Oregon Trail ward so in both our wards. Everyone out here knows and loves her. Alyssa's parents had said from the start that she is not allowed to be baptized into the "Mormon" church and have stood strong on that point. She has wanted to be baptized since January but since she is only 14 she would have had to wait several years. This past summer her parents said she could be baptized when she was 16. We were so excited to get called to this area because we felt with Alyssa being taught by Sisters her parents would feel safer with us teaching rather than Elders. 14 year old girl with 20 year old guys.. I wouldn't with my daughter. Anyways, we got a text from Alyssa on Tuesday night saying that her parents agreed to let her be baptized! It was truly a miracle! We thought it would take a few months at the least but the Lords had was in this process all the way. Sister Bozant and I are so excited! It's going to be amazing!!! December 14th is the day and we expect a pretty big turn out... I'll have to update you on that after it happens:)
Love you all and hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!
-Sister Hatch

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