Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anne Hathaway As A Ginger (November 25, 2013)

I must say this week has been interesting..

On Tuesday, we had a Leadership exchange with all the Area, District, Zone and Sister Training Leaders. I was super excited because I got to go on exchanges with my MTC companion! Sister Haas and I had a lot of fun being together again after 6 months. We both tried different styles of the work. She is in downtown Boise and I've only served in neighborhoods so it's really different ways of doing the work. So while we were together, we met this one guy named Cameron. He attends BSU and is from Alaska. We were talking to him for about an hour about different aspects of his belief and ours. It was a really interesting experience. But what topped it off was before we left, Cameron asked if he could pray for us. We said sure and we went to fold our arms and he just grabbed my shoulder. I really freaked me out because on a mission, Sisters don't have any contact with guys besides handshakes. He began to tell me that I will be healed (from my stutter), all demons should leave, and going on and on and on. It was really sincere but I really didn't think it would work. First off, he didn't have the priesthood. Second, I had no faith that it would. He was a really nice guy we just differed on a few key religious issues. It was just a weird experience. 
The leadership exchange was also really neat because our whole district (those that stayed in the IBM) were there. District Picture!! It's crazy to think how much has happened over the past 6 months. We all have trained at least once (Sister Haas and I have trained twice), opened a new area and were the first to really start off the growth in this mission. The work is moving forward like no other!
The rest of the week was interesting. Thursday and Friday I started to get sick so we only got to work half days and I was out Saturday completely.. Just this time of year. I'm hoping that the worst part is over.
Friday we had a District meeting that was interesting. Role plays are always the worst part except this week we didn't just do role plays. We did them in front of the District. I was paired with Elder Ficuir and we were teaching Anne Hathaway (a.k.a. Elder Martin). It was.. interesting. I think it was pretty good but E. Ficuir would not speak at all.. sigh.. those greenies..
Oh! Like I mentioned before, it's almost been six months since I've been out. Sister Haas and I were talking about it and we will be home either around the 20th of December or the 5th of January depending if we extend or not. (That's the secret) We'll see what happens! We still have a full year until that point so we'll see.
Love you all and Enjoy the Holidays!

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