Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's The Final Countdown! (The song is now playing in your head . You're welcome!)

Really the countdown began on day 136 but who is really counting..

Soo haven't updated this thing in over a week and boy has it been a hectic one. From posting nearly 100 flags on veterans graves to having THE most epic ice cream fight the world will ever see to going to Youth Conference again after they said goodbye to you and you won't becoming back ever again.. but then you do:)                                 (Haha! showed them!)

I have love this last week and that is thanks to some very important people. I'm holding off writing about my amazing family because I know that I won't be able to keep it together even if I am just typing it. Sorry guys! Anyways, I had a fourtune cookie a few months back and I've held on to the fourtune that was inside since I opened it.
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If you can't read it (I can't. The quality on my phone isn't the greatest) it says "Soon someone new in your life will become a very good friend." I'm not a superstitious person but it has turned out in so many ways. It hasn't been one person but a couple. Namely Jakolbe, Amber, Jake, Chaise and too many others to name! Thank you guys so much! You all have been amazing and I'm glad I had you for this last month before my mission. You all are more than I could have asked for:)

Now on to more important things.. this very well could be the last time I am writing to you all as "(Almost) Sister Hatch" as I have on my last few posts. I am getting set apart today (it is today right? Past midnight so yeah haha) in approximately 17 hours.. ah! From 136 days to just 17 hours and it feels like I just opened my call. I am having doubts about my preparedness for this mission BUT I know that it's just that horrible meany Satan trying to bring me down. And you know what they say. "When someone is trying to bring you down it just means that you are above them," and I truly believe that! I've been attacked by him for a while. The first time was probably 2 weeks before I recieved my call. I just felt so low. I went out on a walk (at night. For those of you that really know me, it's my worst fear but I did it for who knows why) and read my scriptures but I couldn't get over that feeling. The next day I felt a little better but still not the greatest until I went to Institute and my teacher went off on a tangent to the Book of Moses about the fact Satan does have incredible power.. But we have MORE. It was the answer to my prayer! I love this church and believe in it so much! This is when I realized that I need to go. I want to bring this feeling of pure joy that I felt to those searching for something more. We sometimes don't realize how good we have it and the gift we have. I really cannot wait (and don't have to much longer) for my chance to share the gospel that I love and know to be true.

Okay, that's my missionary plug-slash-tangent:) so hope you guys keep in contact with me at least a little bit while I'm out. I might need a little help for everyone so I don't go completely crazy.. my MTC address will be on my contact page of this blog as well as an e-mail address if you want to send me your mailing address.

It's sure to be an adventure! And now for the last time..

- (Almost) Sister Hatch

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