Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Life and Times of a Professional Missionary Kickboxer

Hey mom and everyone else!
Thanks for the letters! I've sent you a couple but need to wait to send more because I can't buy more stamps until tomorrow night but I've sent you 2 or three and have a few here that I've written that I can send. It's been crazy but done a little bit of writing every night so yeah.. :)
Today is P-Day for us actually and in the field is on Mondays. First thing is first.. I get to call you A week from today! We fly out of SLC to Portland then on to Boise. I think I will call you from the Portland airport which we get there around 9:22 am there so 10 something our time I believe... You figure it out haha but Yeah.. can't wait. I won't have much time so make sure everyone is there please! I will most likely have under an hour to talk to everyone. Can you make sure dad is there, too?
Anyways, on to your questions. Most of them are in the letters I've written but I'll tell you here to. My companion is one of the girls I did meet with:) Sister (Tessa) Haas and let me just tell you it was hard adjusting to calling everyone sister for a couple days but getting easier now. Oh just so you know.. I am now a PROFESSIONAL MISSIONARY KICKBOXER!!!!! haha It's legit I know;) they have classes here every morning at 6 and on Friday's it's kickboxing! that was our first and last time waking up early.. Mostly because we don't eat until 8:45 so we're up 3 hours before we eat.. food isn't that great here either.. like it's good but not as good as it is at home. And you have to be careful because there is soooo much that you can eat.. and you do.. Thank goodness I have Sister Haas and Sister Dodds (another sister in our mission with us) because those two are sooo health oriented its crazy! Like, our family is healthy and active but these two are just crazy! Freakin beasts.. I can't keep up with them even! (although that's not saying much..) any ways there were 12 in our district when we first arrived but we had one elder leave because of some health issues not worthiness but we pray for him every night as a district. He should come back soon.
Umm.. I'm trying to think what else you all might want to know. Oh.. This might be my last e-mail for about two weeks. I hope not but P-day in the the field is Mon and here is on Tues but we leave Tues morning so missing both but hoping they will give it to us Monday night to let you guys know whats up:) But can't wait co call you all! Which reminds me I need go pick up a calling card.. and there might be a drop on my card credit because I guess we have to pay for baggage but I don't know what is going on with that.. Don't get worried though with that. We get reimbursed.
So I guess I'll start at the beginning of my adventure here. I have about 15 minutes left until I have to go check my laundry.. Oh the joys of living away from home! JK I have to do laundry there to!
But we arrived and my Host took me to 1M (main building. don't ask me what the 'm' means. All the buildings are #M) and she took all of my bags, not sure how since she was so tiny and my bags are heavy, and I walked in alone down a really long hallway (My host is going to the same place as Chelsea Gubeli). About halfway down the hallway was a room that you walk into, give them your name and they gave me a small yellow envelope. I then waited in a line for a teach to be open where they can help you and show how to put on your tag and ask the basics of "have you been endowed," "have you been set apart" and many other questions that get asked a lot during a MTC stay. then heading to talk to another teacher who directs you to another line to get your agenda for the first day and a map. Following the line I walked an orientation room and it went from there.
I would write more but Want to tell you about my district a bit. So my companion is Sister Haas. With sisters we also have Sister Thomas and Sister Dodds (I'm friends with her on FB) and Sister Bailey (met her for lunch) and Sister Aamodt. Elders are Elder Thompsen, Elder Neilsen and Elder Shreeve and then Elder Boswell and Elder Usevitch. Usevitch reminds me of Ty. Reeeeaaaly tall and skinny, eats a lot but doesn't show it, plays basketball and just reminds me of him. He's also from El Paso so thought that was pretty neat. (Ahh 2 min!) Um.. um.. um.. Oh! we have the best district because we all sing.. like ALL the time. One time our teacher didn't show up for one of the orientations so we just sat and sang:) One of the teachers walked by and was very impressed since, according to her, most just leave. but yeah.. best district ever!
I might send you another e-mail in a bit but I am such a slow typer. this has been half an hour and now laundry!
Talk to you guys in a week!
Love you!
Sister Hatch:)


  1. It's so good to hear from you Kels! I'm gonna make the girls sit down and write you letters this week. They love sending stuff in the mail. I just am really bad about it. I hate going to the post office. I might have to get over my loathing of the p.o. To send you a couple care packages from AZTake care, we love ya!

    1. Jess,

      Thanks. Kelcey would love it. Another way is to You just have to set up an account and they deliver letters at the MTC daily. Her unit is 139 and her mission is June 18 ID-BOI. It's free!!! They print them and deliver them each day. She will only be in the MTC until Tuesday and then her mission address is listed on her page. Love and miss you guys!