Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fifty ways to say FAREWELL!!

Todays the day! The sun is shining! The tank is clean and we.. the tank is clean.. the tank is clean! (ten brownie points for anyone who knows that quote)

But today really was the day.. Farewell time! Personally, I think that this was probably the hardest part about preparing for a mission so far. I was really nervous today for some reason and I'm hardly ever nervous speaking in front of crowds being a communications major.

It was really nice to see people that I haven't since school got out, as well. Some people had a really far drive but I really appriciate the fact that they came:) Love Snow College Friends! It made it that much more special for me today! And to day was amazing! (if any of you need food or cake I'm sure we will have some left over for forever to come..)

Funny story time..
       So I have been to 4 farewells today (really 3 but who's counting). Megan Jensen, Chase Christensen, Logan and Mine. Anyways, on my way back from Centerfield after Megan's I was flipping through radio stations and the song "50 Ways to say Goodbye" came on. My first thought was of the last radio show I did with a friend this past semester where we really did tell our listeners 50 ways to say goodbye throughout our two hour shift. Then my next thought was "Someone should put together a video with missionaries saying farewell to friends and family in a somewhat comical/humorous/musical/all-around-awesome way. That would be pretty sweet......" then I drifted off in thought with just the awesomeness that would happen with this.
So that is a shout out to cool people everywhere. If someone wants to be the most amazing person I know, make it happen:)

Other than that.. today has been really uneventful.. probably because not much of the day has been left to make it eventful haha thanks again to everyone who come down. You all are amazing!

- (Almost) Sister Hatch


(Just a few pictures from today:) and a photo bomb.. Love you guys!)

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