Thursday, June 20, 2013

T'was the Night Before (Monday June 17)

Looks like I do get to e-mail you again:)
Anyways, just doing a last load of laundry before I head out to Boise! So excited I cannot wait. We have to be at the travel office at 4:30 but before that we have to eat, dress and pack all of our things out of our room.. talk about a lot to do waaaay to early in the morning! But I am so excited:) I really want to send.. oh! One of my instructors sent us all a picture and I will forward it to you. Brother Fuller was one of our teachers that we said today. Sister Knowlten was the other and she taught us the 14th Article of Faith: We believe in spiritual Karate and round house kicking Satan in the face! we love her! I will send more pictures hopefully when I get to Boise and get access to a computer that is not on a deadbolt... 
I cannot wait to talk to you all tomorrow! Just the thought of it makes me sooo excited! We land in Portland at 9:22/10:22 so be ready around then. Only if our plane isn't delayed because that would just not be good.

I really can tell you that I now feel like a missionary! My companion, Sister Haas, and I had a really cool experience this week that I so want to share but I'll do it when I get home in a few months because I can't express how great it feels. I hope that I can feel like that again sometime soon and I will because that is my purpose here. I cannot wait!

Oh! I have a song that I want Macady to sing for me:) either just cuz she can or for my homecoming. You choose. I don't know what it is called but an Elder sang it last night and it just melted my heart. I believe it's called "I Know" and some of the words are (in random order. left my journal in my room sooo.. yeah) -I know and he knows I'd give my life for it. I cannot deny it. The world may hate me The truth of it sets me free I want the world to know what I know. Something like that.

 Cade- I want you to learn this! Please, King Julian?? haha oh loved how you signed that letter btws..

I'm trying to think what else you might want to know.. Everything is really good... I wish I had my journal but left it back in my room. It had a list of things I wanted to tell you but I guess you'll just have to wait;) it's okay haha
ahhhh... the smell of laundry..
I really can't believe I'm leaving my district peeps for possibly the rest of my mission.. I guess it's okay since half of them are attending BYU but still. It won't be the same. I feel I have always had real good luck when I'm starting out things. This first year of college, I had the best roommates that I could possibly ask for! Now, I have the best (and most likely the best singing and loudest) district at the MTC. Speaking of singing, so last week I sang in sacrament with sisters from our zone and then this week our district sang since it was our last week. I cannot tell you, and I don't mean to brag but, we were good haha really good. In our sacraments, there are about 36 so not very big (and 11 of us sang) but there was not a dry eye.. It was cool.. need to stop saying that word.. but I can't think of a different way to say it. The spirit was so strong in that small room and I was just so grateful to be apart of it.
But I gotta get going so I'll talk to you tomorrow:)

Love you all!
Sister Hatch

Okay.. few more minutes I guess:) Sorry you're not rid of me yet;)
There is only one thing I'm upset about right now.. We are missing a world wide broad cast that will be coming from here on Sunday. Well, I'll still get to watch it but I wish I would be here.. It's the first presidency so sorta a BIG deal around here. A historic event of sorts. Although, we have been apart of many of those these past few weeks. My group was the largest they have received ever in one day: 947 missionaries. Apart of the largest Relief society they have ever had: 1297. And I was there when the first gathering of all the missionaries in the MTC gathered from Main and West campus at the Marriot Center last Tuesday (as some of you already know). There have been a lot more first this past week but those are the main:) It's been quite a ride! 
And I realized in my past letter I never said what I wanted you to send. I did really love the candy but it's going to last a loooong time. Shared most of it with everybody but it's still going to last. I need to know how much is on my card. If you could just send me an update everyweek I would love that. I'm not going to spend it if I don't have to but I will need to buy some things in Boise when I arrive. I bought most of it here because the book store is 40% off! Love it! I bought a cheap set of scriptures because the more and more I taught with investigators I realized my scribbles on the side confused them.. So I just bought a soft back set. I would like those earasable highlighters. Also, I think I left my face wash there. Um.. I don't know.. I wrote it all down but back in my room. Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow. I do need another pair of jeans. We aren't supposed to wear super skinny jeans while on the mission..
But I'll talk to you guys tomorrow:0
Love you!

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