Monday, November 10, 2014

"I thought you weren't supposed to get sick on a mission" Yeah I wish.

Another week already? Seriously? It is going by way to fast. It has been a looong, stressful week but I really feel like I was sitting at this computer yesterday. Weird. They say that after a year, time flies by. Try on the last transfer..

So I also realized that I never put in my e-mail what happened with transfers... awkward.. drum roll please! I'm still with Sister Bottomley! So, Sister Smith, I'm not in a trio since I'm staying the full transfer:)  Sister Bottomley will be "killing" me off. I also have Elder Merrill and Hook as my Zone Leaders. I can't get away from them! Now we just need Elders Cornell and Williams and we would have the Best Paramount District ever back. (Elder Merrill trained Elder Hook and they get along a little tooooo well sometimes).

Anyways, last Monday was awesome. Guess what we did! Nothing.. It was awesome! Finally caught up on most my letters.. most.. Never really had time to write being STL so I'm getting back to some of you who wrote me and I never wrote back. Sorry about that! Truly, we just e-mailed, shopped and went home. I think that's the first time in several months its happened. Amazing..

Tuesday was pretty great. We had an amazing meal that night with a family and they made the most amazing breakfast-for-dinner ever! Have you ever heard of pumpkin pie french toast? Neither did I! So good.. We went to a Relief Society Activity with some less actives after and about halfway through I lost all my energy. It was super weird but it was all I could do to keep going the rest of the night. On our way home, Sister Bottomley was telling me how they made our dinner that night (I was doing something during that conversation. Don't quite remember what. ) and she mentioned there was cream cheese in the eggs. What?! She paused because she had just remembered something very important.. I can't have dairy! So the next two days basically consisted of me being sick.. We still made it out to our set appointments but that's it..

Friday we had Zone meeting and, as I said before, having both Elder Merrill and Hook as my Zone Leaders has been fun. We were paired up with the other Amity Sisters to do a follow-up training. Thinking since we were giving the follow-up we thought we would be first so we planned this super fun activity to start off Zone Meeting but guess what? We were almost the very last.. We decided not to do the activity and just do the training. It was really good still but not as fun as we planned it on being. 

That night we went over to the Lloyd's (probably one of my favorite families in this ward). We were talking and I mentioned that I had gotten sick earlier that week. Their second youngest, Bryson, looked at me with shock! "I thought you weren't supposed to get sick on a mission! You're a missionary!" Yeah, I wish, kid. He has a brother on a mission who told him that they weren't allowed to get sick. It was just a super fun night at that house.

Saturday was Stake Conference. We had several investigators and less actives come to the adult session and the speakers were awesome! While most sat with fellow shippers we introduced, we sat with Sam. Our Mission President, nicked named "The Bubbly Guy" by Sam, came and spoke to a few of them after with us. Two of them are sooo close. They are just waiting for an answer they say. When they get it, they will both move super fast. Sam read all of Mosiah between the Adult Session Saturday night and the General Session Sunday Morning (His nights are our days and days are our nights. He works graveyard shifts.) He's also read most of the Gospel Principles book. He's trying to sort out 2 Nephi 31:14 vs. Mosiah 18:10. The "die versus double die factor" as he calls it. Just lots of prayers needed. The thing about Sam is he remembers EVERYTHING he reads. He's a computer programmer and it all works for him. So he remembers everything he reads but it takes time for him to process it all when it's not in code. We're meeting with him again tonight so we'll see how everything goes.

Lesson of the Week from Sister Lloyd: I love this woman. She is amazing in alot of what she does. Bryson was asking her question at the table like "Does God really care that we go to a specific church?" and similar to it. The way she taught is the way I've been striving to my entire mission. She basically helped him to answer his own question. The whole conversation came down to one phrase that has stuck in my mind, "God loves his children equally and has placed them where they will have the best opportunity to accept his invitation to come back home." It is an idea I've thought about my whole mission because if I wasn't born into the gospel, I probably would have never joined the church. I am so glad that I was placed where I was so I could not only have the best opportunity to accept his invitation to come home but now I'm having the chance to fulfill what I promised before and helping others to have the chance, as well. It's a beautiful idea really..

Anyways, love you all and talk to you next week!

1. Sunset driving home on Thursday
2. Sunset Saturday nigh (yes, that is totally a real, no edit sunset)
3. The sunrise when I was outside during personal study this morning. Love it!
4. Elder Stark after our Zone Meeting training on avoiding traps.. #fail
5. Planning our next move..
6. Walking down the Jone's driveway!

(i love my job)


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