Monday, December 1, 2014

T-minus 12 days! (not that my mom isn't counting or anythings)

So this basically is my last real P-Day. Yikes! Next weeks p-day will be on Thursday since it's a temple transfer meaning our p-day is moved to that day, as well. District Temple Trip on Thursday, Departing Missionary Temple Trip on Friday and then flying home Saturday. Crazy to think how fast time has gone.. So I won't be able to e-mail again until next Thursday.

Anyways, Week numero four has bee interesting.

Monday we went to this super legit clock shop. A pin in my watch snapped. Super sad... Zone Leaders to the rescue! When we were all serving out in Paramount together, they found someone who would fix missionaries watches for free! So instead of buying a completely new watch, we just went over to their shop out on Vista Ave and had it fixed super quick. Then we celebrated at the best empanada restaurant in Boise:) Tangos!!

Tuesday was super busy again with back to back appointments all day. The highlight would be beating VJ again at chess. Everyone in that place is super happy that I am able to beat him because I guess he goes around bragging how good he is. We'll see what happens tomorrow. 
Our day was basically shot on Wednesday. We had District Meeting and a special Zone Meeting on the Christmas Initiative: He Is The Gift. Check it out and share it! The church is putting a lot into this campaign.
 Wednesday we also had a baptism in one of my last areas. Elizabeth Croft was supposed to be baptized in April when I was still in Boise South. Things came up with her husband (who is in prison) and it had to be pushed back but it finally happened. Before the baptism, I was standing in the doorway of the Relief Society room waiting to talk to her. She was talking to another Elder who had taught her, glanced in my direction, turned back to talk to the Elder and froze. She looked back at me and ran over. It was a pretty sad sight but we were both bawling as we hugged each other. We had grown really close. We had our weekly scheduled appointments but stopped by randomly through out the week. She always called us her angels because when we would show up unannounced, she usually had something happen that made her question or just ruined her day. Truly the best feeling is when you know you have answered somebody's prayers and we did for her a lot with out knowing. Love her and she is going to do amazing things!

THANKSGIVING THURSDAY! All I can say is this day involved a lot of food, a lot of laughs and a lot of just crazy times. I love this ward so much!

Friday and Saturday we started to get the  He Is The Gift message out there. We've gotten into a surprising amount of house since we started showing it. The amazing thing about Boise is that it is a very Christian based city. We probably have 4 or 5 different churches just in our 3 square mile ward so people LOVE to talk about Jesus. The common belief though is that they are "spiritual" but not religious. They can talk about their love of Christ forever but if you try to introduce something new.. forget about it. It's frustrating sometimes but that's why this initiative is perfect. It's not directed at one particular group but anyone who believes in Christ.

Sunday we had another amazing lesson with Sam. Last Tuesday we tried to set a date with him for December 6th and he said he would think about it. We know that he's received his answer because he doesn't say he's trying to "process it all" anymore but that he wants to make sure that it's what he wants. We met with him last night and tried to help him with his biggest concerns: modern day prophets. It went really good, as it usually does with him. Talks and lessons at church were perfect for him. We had Sister Moore teach the 5th Sunday lesson and she told her conversion story. She is the daughter of a Nazarene Minister and knew her purpose and Bible backwards and forwards. She started to meet with the missionaries after she left for college and loved every one of their 3 hour lessons. She got the pamphlets before had and found scriptures to combat what we believed. It came down to she believe one thing and they believed another. As she got into more of her bible classes at college, instead of clearing things up more they just got more confusing. She eventually lost her faith for a while. Then she met a friend who was LDS and after a few gospel conversations she found her faith again and left for a mission in China - A Nazarene Mission. She said it was funny because when she arrived in China all she wanted to do is read her Book of Mormon. When she came home that was the first thing she did. After meeting with the missionaries again she knew it was true. Next came the hardest step: telling her parents. When she did her mom left the room crying and she sat in silence with her day. Sister Moore said all she wanted to do at that moment is to forget it all. To forget all the lessons she learned. The experiences she had. Just when she thought of that an inexpressable joy welled up insider her because of the truth she knew about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She never looked back on that choice. Ten years later she is still here and giving Sam exactly what he needs.  He is so close. Sister Moore shared the ways she knew the gospel was true. The joy and peace she feels at church or reading or praying. This is how Sam feels. The only difference, Sam said, was he hadn't had that "Wam, bam, yes ma'am" feeling of joy that it's true. Explaining to him that the feeling she had happened to her after she was fully committed to joining the church, we asked him if he would commit to that. Pause. We asked him if he wanted to push the date later (we didn't want him to feel that we just wanted to get him dunked before I leave in the next 2 weeks). He paused for a moment before saying, "Give me another day to think about it." We're meeting with him again tonight and he will let us know what his decision is. He so knows it's true.

Anyways, that's my week! Off to shop and then playing Dart Wars with our District!
This next two weeks are going to be crazy! See you all at home real soon!

1. My comp bought milk last week that expires the same moment I do!
2. Elizabeth Crofts baptism!
3. Crazy crocheting skills.. I'm jealous.
4. Crazy tree house!
5. Full double rainbow yesterday.
6. As we walked out of our house today we realized it was snowing.. again..
7. Another Boise sunset:)

(i love my job)


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